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NEOSafe® Max – 8 Ounce


NEOSafe® Max 200cc (8 ounce) bottle: Engineered excellence for oil absorption, rare parts cleaning & handling varying viscosities. Spill mastery and slip hazard safety at its peak.

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This potent, portable powerhouse is engineered for immediate response to unforeseen spill emergencies, prioritizing safety by swiftly eliminating slip and fall hazards. Its meticulous formulation offers maximum absorption of spills, translating into a workplace where safety is paramount.

  • Ultra-Portable Security: Easily carried or stored for rapid spill response.
  • Maximized Safeguard: Superior absorption to preserve a secure work environment.
  • Immediate Hazard Reduction: Prompt action to avert slip and fall occurrences.

Small in size but monumental in impact, the 8-ounce bottle is a vigilant guardian against unexpected spill-related risks and accidents. Choose NEOSafe® Max and align with excellence. When the stakes are high, settle for nothing but the best. Elevate your spill control game with the pinnacle of sorbent boosters. Stay ready, stay Max-ed with NEOSafe® Max.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in


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