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NEOSafe® Sorbent Products

Non-Toxic Spill Containment, Parts Cleaner & Safety Hazard Solution

NEOSafe® is not just a product; it’s a commitment to workplace safety, reducing slip and fall hazards while ensuring rapid spill containment. Backed by decades of expertise from Huron Industries, our sorbents are non-toxic, high-performing, and tailored to cater to diverse industrial needs. Dive into a spill-free future with NEOSafe® – where safety meets excellence.

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NEOSafe All-Purpose

How does NEOSafe® All Purpose differentiate itself from other sorbents?

NEOSafe® All Purpose is the jack-of-all-trades in sorbent solutions. Its unique formulation is tailored to tackle a wide array of spills, from water-based to oil-based, ensuring optimal cleanup in diverse situations.

Which industries would find the most value in using NEOSafe® All Purpose?

Given its versatile nature, it’s a perfect fit for industries with varied spill scenarios, such as logistics, food processing, general manufacturing, and more. Its adaptability ensures consistent performance across sectors.

What environmental benefits does NEOSafe® All Purpose offer?

Like all products in the NEOSafe line, the All Purpose variant is committed to environmental safety. It’s formulated to be eco-friendly, ensuring cleanup processes don’t harm our planet.

Is NEOSafe® All Purpose suitable for both minor and major spills?

Yes, its adaptable formula ensures efficient cleanup regardless of spill size. Whether it’s a minor machine leak or a larger spill, NEOSafe® All Purpose stands ready.

How does NEOSafe® All Purpose contribute to workplace safety?

By quickly and effectively addressing spills, NEOSafe® All Purpose minimizes risks like slip-and-fall accidents, ensuring a safer workspace and reduced downtime.

NEOSafe Plus

What sets NEOSafe® Plus apart from other sorbents?

NEOSafe® Plus offers a harmonious blend of effectiveness and economy. It’s specifically formulated to handle both hydrophobic and hydrophilic spills, making it versatile for diverse spill scenarios in multiple industries.

In which industries is NEOSafe® Plus most effective?

Its balanced formulation is particularly suitable for medium to high-intensity applications, making it ideal for sectors like manufacturing, automotive, and chemical processing where diverse spills are common.

Is NEOSafe® Plus safe to use?

Yes. All NEOSafe products, including NEOSafe® Plus, contain zero respirable crystalline silica, ensuring they are carcinogenic-free. This not only offers a safer environment but also negates the need for respirators during use. Safety remains a paramount priority, and our NEOSafe lineup is crafted with that in mind.

How does the performance of NEOSafe® Plus compare to the Max variant?

While the Max variant is tailored for utmost absorption, especially for oil-based liquids, NEOSafe® Plus strikes a balance between performance and value, catering to a broader range of spill scenarios.

Can NEOSafe® Plus be used repeatedly?

NEOSafe® Plus is designed for single-use applications to ensure optimal absorption and safety in every spill scenario. NEOSafe® Max, on the other hand, can be reused until its capabilities are diminished.

NEOSafe Max

How does NEOSafe® Max differentiate itself from other sorbents on the market?

NEOSafe® Max is exceptionally hydrophobic, designed to resist water while avidly attracting oils. This distinctive feature ensures that it zeroes in on oil-based spills with unparalleled efficiency, setting it apart from standard sorbents.

In what scenarios is NEOSafe® Max especially effective?

NEOSafe® Max shines in situations where complete removal of oil residue post-bulk spill is imperative. Its superior formulation is adept at handling high-viscosity oils and greases, ensuring that surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, mitigating slip hazards and potential equipment malfunctions.

What makes NEOSafe® Max an environmentally responsible choice?

NEOSafe® Max is made from 100% recycled materials, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability. By choosing this product, you’re not only ensuring efficient spill cleanup but also supporting eco-friendly practices that contribute to a reduced carbon footprint and sustainable resource use. It’s a testament to both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Why should industries use NEOSafe® Max for their spill management?

NEOSafe® Max is not only effective but prioritizes health and safety. It contains zero respirable crystalline silica and is carcinogenic-free, ensuring safer handling and use. Additionally, its formula reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents by increasing friction on floors, offering superior protection for both staff and equipment. Furthermore, the absence of harmful substances negates the need for respirators during use, making it a safer and more user-friendly choice for industries.

Can NEOSafe® Max be used for bulk spill cleanup in industries?

While NEOSafe® Max performs excellently for any spill, its concentrated formula makes it a premium option. For bulk spills, using NEOSafe® Plus or All Purpose may be more cost-effective for the initial cleanup, with Max as the final step for complete residue removal. However, in scenarios where spills are critical and result in significant downtime, investing in Max might offset losses due to outages, making it worth the premium price point in such situations.

NEOSafe® The Gold Standard in Spill Management & Safety Solutions


  1. 🌿 Eco-Friendly Cleanup: NEOSafe® ensures nearly 100% removal of oily residues without harmful chemicals.
  2. 🚫 Solvent-Free Safety: Say goodbye to hazardous solvents; NEOSafe® performs efficient cleaning.
  3. 💡 Innovative Formula: Unique cell structure-to-particle size ensures unparalleled cleaning of slippery and greasy surfaces.
  4. 🏆 High Absorbency, Low Risk: Prevent slip and fall hazards with our highly absorbent, safety-standard approved sorbent powder.
  5. 💰 Cost-Effective Excellence: Versatile applications make NEOSafe® a top choice for preventing industrial accidents and ensuring clean workspaces.

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